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Echo sounder

  • High-resolution and clearly display (10.4"TFT LCD)
  • Built-in printer for copy of the echogram history
  • High accuracy and high reliability
  • Depth data for last 24 hours in memory to play back the past sounding information


The powerfully built, all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder integrates advanced depth data technology, displaying sub aqua conditions with startling effectiveness. JRC’s new standard in navigation echo sounding incorporates a 10.4-inch high visibility colour display. The innovative display modes allows you to select and view echoes in 8 colours or 8 levels of monochrome. The all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder has a system-integrated thermal printer, providing the ship’s log with valuable printouts if required. The enhanced depth data technology has three central presentation modes, standard, history and docking. Both standard and docking mode provide a wide range of information. This is stored in the memory for up to 24-hours. The history mode allows you to retrieve all memorised depth data to provide complete feedback.

The JFE-680 can be easily installed thanks to the integrated connection box and printer. The echo sounder can be used with one or two transducers, 50 kHz and 200 kHz, allowing you to operate both frequencies independently or simultaneously, or allows you to have a separate bow-stern depth read-out. The display design allows you to carry out all operations simply by using the unified keyboard layout. The keyboard is solid and responsive, which allows for precise operation.

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