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We welcome you smart and ensures an eco and safe voyage


Your bridge work may become more efficient: JRC proposes an optimized bridge layout as per each ship-owner's bridge resource management policy, realize the digitalization of chart work, passage plan, logbook and alarm management by our system with each sensor data integrated.


You may reduce the vessel's fuel consumption and the bridge maintenance costs more: JRC helps you minimizing the fuel consumption and provides many types of remote support and ideas of optimizing the life cycle maintenance cost.


We wish you a safe voyage: JRC’s man-machine interfaced digital bridge ensures your navigation safety.

As the name already suggests, JRC Unique stands for unique products. Products that only JRC offers and that they have designed and produced themselves. With JRC Unique you are assured that your vessel is equipped smart, eco and safe. We always strive to improve and guarantee efficiency, cost savings and safety on board.

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