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Уважаемые коллеги, ситуация с коронавирусом меняется с каждым днем. JRC и Alphatron Marine получают большое количество вопросов по поводу организации нашей работы в этой непростой ситуации. С помощью данного обращения мы постараемся ввести вас в курс дела.


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Contract for the supply of four integrated bridge systems for the US-based Seabulk Towing Inc.

12 Май 2020 - JRC / Alphatron Marine has recently obtained a contract for the supply of four integrated bridge systems for the US-based Seabulk Towing Inc, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. Seabulk Towing Holdings Inc. provides ship services in seven ports in the Gulf of Mexico ports and Florida coast ports. Besides services they also offer customized solution-based offshore towing for short- and long-term project requirements. The new vessels, two upgraded ART 90-98US tugs, and two new Rapport 3000 are being built at Master Boat Builders. One of the tugboats is expected to be deliverd in December 2020. The other three tugboats will be delivered in January 2021, June 2021 and July 2021.


JRC и Alphatron Marine работают в полном объеме во время кризиса COVID-19

22 Апрель 2020 - Несмотря на ситуацию с эпидемией COVID-19 и введенными ограничениями, JRC и Alphatron Marine полностью сохранили свою работоспособность. Большинство нашей продукции производятся на фабриках Японии и Европы, поэтому мы сохранили возможность поставок с нашего склада. Так же наши решения имеют возможность удаленной поддержки. Это позволяет нам следить за состоянием оборудования на судне и в некоторых случаях устранять неисправности. Мы делаем все возможное, чтобы ваши суда не выводились из эксплуатации.


Мы – JRC

Наша компания является ведущим мировым производителем морской электроники. Мы специализируемся на разработке и производстве продукции, соответствующей всем требованиям отросли. За 100 лет истории, JRC заработал прочную репутацию в разработке продукции высочайшего качества для обеспечения безопасной и надежной навигации для всех судов – торговых, рабочих и рыболовных, во всех мировых морях и океанах. Наша обширная сеть партнеров помогает нам распространять качественную морскую электронику по всему миру!

О компании

Опыт партнеров

From the beginning, more than 40 years ago, our company has been working with important and reliable Japanese makers. This led to a successful cooperation with JRC | Alphatron Marine. The Greek market in which we operate is constantly changing, and so are the demands. Space Electronics and JRC | Alphatron Marine are both companies that respect and listen to their customers, and are able to adjust when they see a (new) demand. JRC | Alphatron Marine cooperates closely with its distributors to get the insight needed to respond effectively to the new requirements, and in return they are helping and supporting us.

Maria Mathioudaki, Managing Director, Space Electronics

Our cooperation started well with several newbuild projects for which we received all the necessary training and assistance. Generalmarine has almost 50 years of experience on the maritime market, providing products and service to the Italian fleet. But our partnership with JRC | Alphatron Marine is fairly new: we have been cooperating for 3 years and two years ago we have signed an offi cial agreement, enabling us to complete the package we off er our customers. Now it is our turn to assist JRC | Alphatron Marine with finding the right numbers in our territory.

Emanuele Burlando, Managing Director, Generalmarine

Tefin has been providing full service, ranging from engine control room to wheelhouse, to the maritime industry for over 22 years. As from this year we are a new dealer for JRC | Alphatron Marine, based in Napels, Italy. Just like everybody else we are operating on a market that is far from easy, but with a partner like JRC | Alphatron Marine we are even more confident we can improve sales and service in our area.

Angelo Minieri, General Sales Manager, Tefin

JRC Europe has gained a stronger focus on the Russian market and is re-introducing RMRS-approved navigation and communication equipment. This is because of recent developments like fleet renewal programs and governmental approvals on equipment. We are helping the company with this reintroduction, because local regulations prevent easy import and sales. Our companies are still in the early stages of this cooperation, but there is a clear line of (open) communication and an excellent form of support. Combine that with the developments on the market and you can see the potential.

Edward Pribytkov, Owner, Marineq

NOVA Electronics has been representing most well-known manufacturers of high quality marine equipment since 1988. The key elements to the good partnership with JRC | Alphatron Marine is respect, support and good communication. You may run into problems, but we discuss them and at the end of the day you walk away with a solution that is best for everyone. As partners you also look out for each other. That can be by offering support, but also by providing information. It is something you also do for your customer. By asking them not only what they want, but also what they need, you can offer a total solution. For us this has led to many orders in the Greek high seas market for newbuilds.

Vassilis Kokkotis, Sales Director, NOVA Electronics

We really appreciate the fact that the people at JRC | Alphatron Marine are very open to their distributors. On events like this they lay down their strategy and explain what and why they expect certain things from us. And when doing this face-to-face, you establish a real connection. In the end the person that benefits most of this, is the customer. Only when there is no interference and all things are clear, you can provide your customer with the best solutions and the best service. Our company has been a distributor of JRC | Alphatron Marine for about 5 years now. TNL has been able to grow exponentially on the Greek market thanks to this cooperation. We can offer our customers a broad spectrum of products, from VHF to Gyro compasses.

George Daratzis, Sales Manager, TNL

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