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Год 3 выпуск 9, Июнь 2019

Журнал Alphatron Marine

С помощью нашего международного журнала, мы хотим поделиться с вами новостями компаний Alphatron Marine и JRC, представить наши последние разработки и поставки, расскажать о наших офисах и сервисах по всему миру. И конечно, предоставить возможность высказаться
нашим уважаемым заказчикам и бизнес-партнерам.

Доступен только на английском языке.

Issue 12

In this twelfth issue, we take a moment to celebrate 30 years of Alphatron Marine and look back on how it all started. You can also read more about a variety of our new products like the JMA-3400 radar, JMR-611 radar and JHS-800S VHF. We introduce the new Division Manager for JRC Europe: Jelmer Domela Nieuwenhuis. We will also introduce the new Business Development Department and how they will take a step closer to the customer.


Выпуск 11

In the eleventh issue, you will read more about the American market and the challenges we find there. You will also read more about our Maintenance Contracts department and how they keep ships 100% operational. We will also tell you more about our latest innovations: AlphaMINDS and LYNX. These innovations give you complete control over your ship and you can easily monitor and control all your equipment.


Выпуск 10

The tenth October issue is dedicated to our home port: world port Rotterdam. You will read more about heat detection cameras on board Stena Line vessels and about the family business of Multraship. We introduce the important Quality Assurance Department Marine systems of JRC, tell you more about JRC's focus on the Russian market, the expansion of our ProLine and High Seas dealer network for Middle and South America and many more!


Выпуск 9

In the ninth June issue, you will read more about how Alphatron Marine is involved in the booming cruise market, the expansion of our Alphatron Marine Curacao office, the new Tatsumi office of JRC, the innovations that will be showed during the Nor-Shipping exhibition and an inspirational story about Egil Ulvan Rederi AS.


Выпуск 8

In the first March issue, you will read more about the 5 years of partnership between JRC & Alphatron Marine and we inform you about the newly introduced ProLine: a proven, complete and one-stop-shopping equipment line-up. We will let you have a look behind the scenes at the Nagano JRC plant and you’ll read about the third Rotortug in the USA with a custom-made bridge.


Выпуск 7

In the seventh November issue, you will read more about the tenth year anniversary of Alphatron Marine Singapore, and the introduction of the ProLine at the International workboat show in New Orleans. We will introduce our Global workboat team. And you will read more about the three new Rijkswaterstaat vessels: Merwestroom, Scheldestroom, and Waddenstroom.


Выпуск 6

In the sixth September issue, you will read more about KOTUG Captain Daan Merkelbach how he was steering the RT Borkum in the port of Rotterdam from his AlphaBridge Tugboat console on ITS in Marseille. We will introduce our new Ready-To-Assemble AlphaBridge RTA. And you will find out more about ProLine, our new total wheelhouse package for the marine professional.


Выпуск 5

In the fifth May issue, we will introduce Murr Marine Electronics, a Lebanese family company and also our new distributor. We delivered navigation and communication equipment for to the largest Rotortug in the world, the RT Raven. And you will find out more about the trials with the new JFS-280 sonar and installation of the first JMR-5482 S-band radar.


Выпуск 4

In the fourth March issue we tell you about the delivery of navigation and communication equipment for this new hybrid patrol boat for Port of Rotterdam Authority. We opened a new office in Malaysia, close to the container terminal Tanjung Pelepas. You will learn more about the new step towards semi autonomous shipping, the AlphaRiverTrackPilot.


Выпуск 3

In the third October issue we introduce Bart Brom as our new CEO of Alphatron Marine. We have expanded our global presence with the opening of our newest office in Korea. Also, since this summer, we have delivered an AlphaBridge on a very special training tug with the looks of a yacht operating in the port of Rotterdam: the RT Borkum of Rotortug.


Выпуск 2

In this second June issue the harbor master of port of Rotterdam talks about the role of the port authority, safety and efficiency and of course the partnership with Alphatron Marine. Also the Trident equipped with the AlphaBridge tugboat variant is a good example of the international co-operation between different offices around the world.


Выпуск 1

In this first March edition, you can take a preview onboard the high-tech RT Borkum, read about the amazing SeaXplorer and learn all about the Centers of Excellence in Singapore and Houston. You will find our exhibitions and training agendas, and get to know why Alphatron Marine reward Green Award Certificates ships with discounts.