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JRC has extensive knowledge in the International regulations regarding the navigation and communication carriage requirements of your vessel.

Navigation and communication regulations

If you have any questions about communications and navigation equipment best suited for your vessel, please contact your local JRC office, distributor or use our sales request for on the right side of your screen. Click on the navigation or communication button below to view the regulations for this category.

Sea Area A1+A2+A3+A4 Cargo ships (500 GT and upward)
VHF + DSC JHS-800S1 Посмотреть продукт
Duplicated VHF+DSC JHS-800S1 Посмотреть продукт
VHF DSC Watch receiver (ch.70) Build in JHS-800
MF/HF SSB+DSC+NBDP JSS-2150/2250/2500 + 7ZZJD00892 Посмотреть продукт
MF DSC Watch receiver (2 187,5 kHz) build in JSS-2XXX
MF/HF DSC Watch receiver (2, 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 MHz) build in JSS-2XXX
Inmarsat C (or GMDSS mini-C) including EGC receiver JUE-871 Посмотреть продукт
NAVTEX NCR-3331 Посмотреть продукт
Satellite EPIRB 406 MHz 

SBM of EPIRB required at every battery change or at least once every 5 years. Alternative method: Replace: the EPIRB with a new one VDR floating recording medium of new VDRs placed after 1 July 2014 includes EPIRB functionality and may fulfil the EPIRB requirement

SAR Locating Device (RADAR-SART (9 GHz) or AIS-SART)

2 pieces for passenger ships and cargo ships ≥ 500 gt and 1 piece for cargo ships < 500 gt

Reserve Power source + Automatic Battery Charger 1
SBM – Shore Based Maintenance

At-Sea Maintenance as alternative for SBM is not in use

2-way radiotelephones (GMDSS and Fire Fighting) 

2-way VHF radiotelephones, as follows:

  • 3 pieces for passenger ships and cargo ships ≥ 500 gt
  • 2 pieces for cargo ships < 500 gt

Explosion proof or intrinsically safe 2-way portable radiotelephone

equipment: 2 pieces per fire party on board

  • All ships built on or after 1 July 2014
  • All ships built before 1 July 2014, not later than 1st survey after 1 July 2018
JHS-207 GMDSS / JHS-431 Fire fighting3 Посмотреть продукт
General Alarm System + communication- or PA system AlphaCall/AlphaConnect/AlphaAnnounce (stand alone Gen Alarm System:owner supply)1 Посмотреть продукт
LRIT reporting function

LRIT guidance

  • LRIT functionality via Inmarsat: Inm-C, mini-C or IsatM2M
  • LRIT functionality in Sea Areas A1+A2+A3+A4 via Iridium
  • A valid LRIT Conformance Test Report (CTR) to be available on board

Contact us for LRIT Testing

JUE-95SA / JUE-871 Посмотреть продукт
Iridium for GMDSS

New requirements for Iridium

Sea AreaVHF DSC 1VHF DSC 2MF DSCMF/HF DSC incl. HF telexSES 1 Iridium/ Sat CSES 2 Iridium/ Sat CNAvtex EPIRB/SART Port. VHF

Alphatron LT-3100S GMDSS1 Посмотреть продукт
Annual Radio & AIS Surveys

Contact us for your annual Radio & AIS survey (Approved by the major Classification Societies)

Service & Maintenance agreements

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