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Announcement of the thorough use of genuine VDR/SVDR UPS batteries and retraining requirements

15 December 2021

Product and solutions updates

Since FSN 210024, issued on June 18, 2021, we have been monitoring the use of genuine battery. The use of non-genuine batteries is not approved by organizations in each country, and the quality and performance cannot be guaranteed. In order to eliminate the use of non-genuine batteries, service providers who have sold or replaced non-genuine batteries will be required to attend training programs for the purpose of re-awareness.


If the use of a non-genuine battery is found during the annual performance test (APT), etc., the company that sold or replaced the battery will be investigated, and the company will be requested to attend the online training. All VDR APT certificate holders belonging to the requested company will be required to take the online course "VDR APT Module" within three months.

  • Note.1 The online training is available at the following website (fee EUR 150/person). 
  • Note.2 If the completion of the course by all certification holders cannot be confirmed within three months, the APT certification of the subject company will be suspended.

Effective for COC applications received on or after January 1, 2022

Read the document here


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