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Commercial fishery

Marine electronics fishing market

Within the broad marine electronics sector, the fishing market stands apart from the rest the fishing professionals use their own proprietary codes of conduct and communication. But also because the fishing community expects full specialization on fishing matters and full focus to solve specific fishing challenges. Regulations and mandates are not the drivers for selecting equipment anymore, neither aesthetics nor size/weight, but the sharp performance that will grant fish identification and catch to the skipper. This is what really counts in fishing and is what you can expect from us and our equipment.

A service network of specialists for the fishing market

Fishing skippers rely on suppliers of equipment and service that will keep their vessels operative 24/7. Even in the remotest fishing grounds of the world like the Bering Sea, Namibia, or the Falkland Islands. Our offices in Norway, Spain, China, and Japan stand out for their expertise in fishing in its different variants. Trawling, pelagic, long liners, high seas, or coastal amongst them. Each office is specialized in the tools and dedication needed for successful fishing of specific species. This includes mackerel, anchovy, shrimp, tuna, or sardine. We know the local demands and expectations and our teams strive to meet them on a daily basis. Catch after catch. No matter where you fish, with our service network of more than 200 locations, there is always a skilled technician close by. With our extensive network, we are able to assist you 24 hours a day. This is to ensure that everything is in order before you leave again.

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If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us via our contact form at the bottom of the page or contact one of our offices or distributors. Our team is pleased to support you with all your questions.

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JRC products

JFP -185 Sonar

The JFP-185 sonar uses a wideband transducer. The most suitable output frequency in a band from 130 to 210 kHz can be selected in 0.1 kHz steps, depending on the fishing method and the target species in various depths. The flexible selection of frequencies also enables the fishing vessel to operate at a different frequency than those of surrounding vessels.

FF-901 Chartplotter/Fishfinder

The FF-901 is a multifunctional system that offers an easy to operate solution for navigating and fish finding. As the FF-901 is C-Map 4D and Max compatible, you will experience the latest evolution of electronic charting technology and the ability to view charts in 2D or amazing 3D presentation with high-resolution satellite imagery.

JFC-800 Fish Finder

The JFC-800 all-in-one echo sounder utilizes a rugged 10.4-inch bonded and sunlight viewable display, offering advanced filtering capabilities using digital signal processing technology to ultimately provide a clear image and allow for deeper sounding at higher frequencies.  The JFC-800 is the standard model and includes a cost effective transducer.

JFC-180BB Echo Sounder BB

The JFC-180 is a black box echo sounder which is capable of displaying 4 different frequencies, providing the operator greatly enhanced fish detection. It is easier to differentiate between the various fish species, large shoals of fish and the seabed, resulting in better targeted catches and contributing to conservation of fish stocks.

JMR-5400 Sea Radar CAT-2

The JMR-5400 radar significantly improves short range detection and discrimination of targets presented on high brightness displays with intuitive icon-based operation. The system is running on the latest JRC-designed signal processing technology allowing radar images to effortlessly run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The right fishing product portfolio

Fishing involves many methods, from a simple hook and line to large seagoing vessels. JRC has developed a wide range of fishery products to meet this diversity. JRC has applied both innovation and experience in developing this fishery equipment. When it comes to fishing, marine electronics equipment must achieve specific results measured in tons of catch. At JRC we have the right products a fishing vessel needs for navigating to the fishing ground and communicating with other vessels. Above all, detecting fish schools sharply is the most important thing. This is materialized in a range of sonars, fish finders, and bird radars. These pieces of equipment incorporate leading technology proven over decades of successful operation. Not to mention radar and radio technology for which JRC is renowned globally.

Sustainable fishing

The application of the latest instrumentation and detection equipment leads to faster operations and increased productivity. The result of these developments is ultimately a greater earning potential for operators and a reduced impact on the environment. This leads to sustainable fishing now and in the future. JRC fishing equipment helps our customers to select or discard species that may be protected due to size or limited stocks. Our state-of-the-art detecting technology selects in terms of distance, size, depth, and speed of fish schools. Ultimately helping the skipper to fish only what needs to be fished.

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