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MIRAI – Autonomous

23 February 2024

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The future of ship navigation is upon us, with new technologies being developed every day to provide captains and crew with an easier and more user-friendly experience. JRC | Alphatron Marine is evolving with this new vision of the future. MIRAI, our mission and vision, means 'future' in Japanese. This vision is defined by our core values, including the fourth core value, the 'A' for 'Autonomous.'

As the world moves toward a smarter, more automated way of navigating ships, the importance of human input cannot be overstated. The future of ship navigation will not be about replacing humans but rather about involving them in the process and providing support. JRC | Alphatron Marine believes that autonomous navigation is meant to offer a realistic and smart decision support system. This implies that people are still needed to operate the equipment, but the goal is to make the operation easier, more efficient, and more reliable. To achieve this, we must consider the future of the shipping industry and the impact of the digital revolution.

This involves the development of new technologies, such as smart navigation systems, enabling captains and crew to approach navigation in a more practical way. In the coming years, we will continue to inspire customers with the concept of smart ship navigation. We use sensors, data, and algorithms to autonomously plan and perform navigation tasks, providing navigation assistance, route guidance, and path planning. Our AlphaRiverTrackPilot guarantees one of the first steps towards smart ship navigation. The AlphaRiverTrackPilot is a fully automated course and track control system for the inland shipping segment, allowing a ship to sail along a predefined line.

Relying on autonomous navigation makes it easier for ships to avoid collisions and other potential hazards, helping to reduce the risk of human error and providing ships with a greater margin of safety. Autonomous navigation systems are also used to monitor and control the vessel’s performance and position. In addition to the potential safety benefits, autonomous navigation systems can help reduce the need for manual labor in the navigation process, freeing up more time for other tasks, such as monitoring and control.

We would like to provide a better understanding of our core value 'Autonomous' with the help of a video. Watch our video through the link below.

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