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MIRAI - Integration

26 April 2024

Press releases

As the complexity and sophistication of bridge systems continue to increase, the need for effective integration between different applications and providers becomes more crucial. To stay ahead, JRC | Alphatron Marine seeks new ways to collaborate and develop advanced solutions to keep our systems up-to-date. With these developments in mind, we have formulated our mission and vision, MIRAI, which means 'future' in Japanese. This vision is defined by our core values, including the fifth core value, represented by the 'I' in 'Integration.'

Bridge systems have become increasingly sophisticated and complex in recent years due to the introduction and integration of new technologies. Consequently, it is no longer feasible to produce every aspect of the system in-house, emphasizing the growing need for integration between different applications. Hence, we are actively working on the next generation of our AlphaBridge, designed to be more software-based with an open architecture, providing shipping companies with flexibility and efficiency.

This next-generation bridge is developed following the OpenBridge guidelines, which entail a design system adapted to maritime use, modern design principles, and new implementation strategies and regulations. Collaborating with OpenBridge, we aim to establish a secure and efficient workplace, emphasizing an intuitive user interface for ease of use, which we believe can help reduce the risk of errors and create a more streamlined workflow.

With a focus on safety, efficiency, and innovation, this next-generation bridge promises to revolutionize the way we work onboard ships and in land-based maritime operations. Organizations can be confident that their bridge and cybersecurity systems are as reliable and secure as possible with this new AlphaBridge. We are excited to see what the future holds with the next generation bridge and further integrations.

To provide a better understanding of our core value 'Integration,' we have created a video. Watch it through the link below.

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