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New AlphaPilot MFS-VR by JRC/Alphatron Marine

20 May 2021

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JRC/Alphatron Marine continues to develop systems and solutions to make ships safer and more efficient. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a new autopilot: the AlphaPilot MFS-VR. The AlphaPilot MFS-VR is an adaptive autopilot that uses information of speed or draft and it is suitable for multiple vessel types, like workboats, fast crew tender vessels, fishing boats, tugs and more. As this is the successor of our successful AlphaSeaPilot MFC and MFA system, this new pilot can easily be used to retrofit and previous models or any other autopilot.

The new MFS-VR is a speed adaptive, type approved and wheelmarked autopilot system. The autopilot can be used for vessels upto 30 knots (non-High-Speed Craft) and is also specially type approved for High-Speed Craft (HSC) compliant with ISO-16329 to provide an overall speed application range for vessels upto 70 knots.

The complete AlphaPilot MFS-VR system consists of a 5-inch multicolor touchscreen display with rotary knob for easy use under all circumstances and separated distribution box to communicate with all necessary external data signals. Next to this, the distribution box has multiple terminals to directly connect different steering systems for proportional valves, thrusters, waterjet control and solenoids.

This means that the adaptive AlphaPilot MFS-VR is easy to install on board any commercial or leisure vessel with a single rudder, linked rudders, independent rudders, or azimuth Z-drives configuration. Due to the extremely compact size, the control unit can be built into the armrest of a chair.

The new AlphaPilot series will be globally released as a JRC Europe product. This indicates the close relation with the JRC headquarters in Japan, but with the product development and management from the JRC/Alphatron Marine office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative or contact JRC/Alphatron Marine.


JRC/Alphatron Marine

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