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New VHF regulations

19 January 2023

Product and solutions updates

Please be notified on the upcoming VHF Regulation. Based on the new regulation, the first radio survey which will take place after 1st of January 2024, all VHFs have to comply with the appendix 18 of the Radio Regulations, which require 4digit channels to be available on the fixed VHFs onboard.

Take note that the JHS-32A/B and older VHFs will not be supported, the JHS-770S/780D will be supported (subject to software version), the JHS-800S is already complying with the appendix 18.

The new regulations can be found here

4-digit channel list for radiotelephone in the Appendix 18 of the Radio Regulations: 

In case intended to keep a ship equipped with the JHS-32A/B beyond 2024, please consider replacing the VHF within the next year. This is the schedule below for JRC VHF:

In case you have any questions, please contact your JRC representative in your region.


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