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OpenBridge consortium by JRC/Alphatron Marine

30 March 2021

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Last month the Dutch R&D department of JRC/Alphatron Marine completed and commissioned the first AlphaMINDS mooring application for use on an inland vessel. The unique AlphaMINDS, MINDS stands for: Multifunctional Information Navigation Display System. Within MINDS there will be numerous applications offered with respect to the above, making use of the in-house developed LYNX software application.

With the introduction of MINDS river, the first product is installed on board a vessel in this case the mooring aid, indicating speed and distance to the shore when mooring. The information is supported by several sensors, amongst them the new developed high accuracy GNSS receiver with RTK input if that signal is available. The first results are used as base of a wider application to be used by seagoing vessels.

The new developments within JRC/Alphatron Marine are all adapted and based upon the new standard for Graphic user interfaces named Open Bridge as initiated by DNV.

Navigating crew on ship bridges are often using a variety of systems that lack consistent user interface design from one system to another. Consistency across systems is an essential aspect for reducing human error and increasing user ability in workplaces where users interact with a variety of physical and digital systems. With the implementation of the Open Bridge design guidelines we may help realize design consistency across multi-vendor bridges and contribute to an improvement of the quality of ship bridges, the work environment for seafarers and overall ship safety.

Using the Open Bridge Design Guideline allows us to follow the latest industry standard, but the flexibility of our platform still allows for colour palettes and widgets to be easily imported into LYNX to design according to customer needs or a tailor-made GUI.

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