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Remote monitoring and maintenance possibilities

22 April 2020

As the COVID-19 virus continues to pose a threat in daily life and business operations, JRC/Alphatron Marine would like to serve our customers in the best and safest possible way in these challenging times.To limit the chance of spreading the virus, implementing a healthy work environment for both customers and employees is our priority. We contribute to this cause by offering a variety of remote monitoring and maintenance possibilities.

Global Customer Support Centre

JRC/Alphatron Marine Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston has a fully equipped support centers where we are able to support vessels from the shore. Available services like first-line expert support, remote diagnostics, RMS, AlphaEye support and technical advice.

SSV Mobile

"SSV Mobile" (Smart Ship Viewer Mobile) is a new application for (mobile) smart devices that can be combined with our J-Marine NeCST. With this application, you can easily receive and share emergency information from the ship to a safe work environment at the office or home, to support, make a quick response and the right decision.

Ship monitoring service (Fleet Viewer) 

This ship monitoring service allows you to browse through the movements of managed ships and the status of JRC equipment. It contributes to efficient navigation management and avoidance of unexpected equipment problems. To use this service, a combination of JRC's Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and J-Marine NeCST is fundamentally recommended in the configuration. However, the service is also partially available with JRC's VDR only.

VDR recorded data downloading service (Ship Management)

This service allows you to remotely obtain data that is stored in JRC's VDR/S-VDR installed onboard (ship speed, steering, engine information, etc.), via J-Marine Cloud. The data that is obtained can be reproduced by using the VDR Real-Time Monitor software. This service confirms the position of the ship and allows checking of the condition of the ship’s equipment during a calamity or accident on board, without the need for any intervention of the crew upon the occurrence. To use this service, JRC's VDR is required. For vessels with a non suitable VDR or smaller vessels not carrying such device, we have a low cost data combiner available in order to carry out the above mentioned services. Installation by ships crew, guided under our full support, is possible.

Data sharing service between ships and between ship and land (Voyage Archive) 

By storing the navigational plans that are created by using J-Marine NeCST in J-Marine Cloud, this service enables the sharing of the information with J-Marine NeCST of other ships. This feature ensures a reduced workload as navigational plans along the same route can be shared among vessels. To use this service, J-Marine NeCST is required.


When the crew on board experiences equipment errors, JRC/Alphatron Marine can login remotely with our new Remote Maintenance System. Using the data from the VDR (JCY-1900) our technical specialists can troubleshoot and assist in solving the problem 24/7 from a safe distance. Considering the current situation, we made it possible for the crew to prepare all necessary measures on board to use this service without a single attendance of our technicians. This way our customers are ensured of safe remote assistance when required and limit their operation downtime.


The AlphaEye offers the next generation service communication tool. This futuristic tool provides an extra set of eyes “on board” and allows a support specialist to stand by and solve 24/7 any problem, globally and remotely.

With the AlphaEye, the crew on board can dial directly in via a dedicated (satellite, 3G or 4G) communication link with the expert in the JRC/Alphatron Marine office and inform us through live audio and visual contact the issues they are facing. The pre-configured AlphaEye comes with a portable router including European simcard so the crew is ensured of the required connectivity. Error analysis and problem solving can now be achieved in a matter of minutes at a safe distance.

This unique remote support makes adjusting or replacing components easy. With the fault finding completed, missing parts can be arranged to send to the next convenient port of call.


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