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Summer promotion - JRC e-learning

12 July 2022

This summer we make it very easy for your engineers to improve their knowledge during the (maybe not so busy) days to come. We have a great summer promotion for you and your engineers!

We know travelling to our training location will cost downtime of the engineer and travel costs, on which you will save by making use of our e-learning system. So, we would like to inform you about availability of our e-learnings and our temporary summer discount! For the next few months we want to promote the e-learnings for your engineers. Even when the certificates are not expired, the engineer will receive the updated version and documentation. If their certificate expire within a year, we will issue the certificate with the new training date.
The Proline category B equipment is a basic “read the manuals – do the exam” type of training for the installation of 10 pieces of equipment: AlphaRudder MFM, JFE-380, JMA-3300, JMA-1030, JLR-21/31, JHS-183, AlphaBNWAS, JHS-800S, JSS-2150(N), JHS-770S.

For only €90,00 you have access to the latest information. Grab this opportunity to expand your knowledge.

How to apply

  1. Login on the JRC website here.
  2. Subscribe your engineer with his/her personal email address
  3. We will assign the requested training from our JRC Global Training Academy, but please do not request training from this page
  4. When the exam is passed (or virtual classroom assessment is passed) we issue the certificate
  5. Invoicing will be done with promotion prices per item

Very easy, very quick, and very smart to make use of our offer! Discounted price is applicable from 1 July 2022 until 30 September 2022.

Equipment trainingPrice / Discounted price
(S)VDR JCY-1800/1850*€350,00 / €315,00
Virtual classroom assessment
€200,00 / €180,00
(S)VDR JCY-1900/1950*€350,00 / €315,00
Virtual classroom assessment  
€200,00 / €180,00
(S)VDR APT JCY-1800/1850€150,00 / €135,00
(S)VDR APT JCY-1900/1950€150,00 / €135,00
MFD ECDIS JAN-7201/9201*€350,00 / €315,00
MFD RADAR JMR-7200/9200*€350,00 / €315,00
Virtual classroom MFD ECDIS/RADAR€200,00 / €180,00
RADAR JMA-5300€350,00 / €315,00
AlphaPilot MFM€350,00 / €315,00
Satellite log JLN-720€350,00 / €315,00
BNWAS JCX-161€150,00 / €135,00
GMDSS JSS-2150€350,00 / €315,00
Proline cat. B€100,00 / €90,00

  *With virtual classroom

A common question we get is: when do I need to do the full VDR training and when the APT training? The APT e-learning is for engineers with 3 APT’s in the last year with either some BAD results or resend data. Full e-learning VDR training is with no APT’s the last year.

If you would like any further information about our Online Training Module or how e-training or classroom training from JRC | Alphatron Marine can benefit your organization? Please get in touch with our training department,


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