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Suspension of sales AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 (G-007513) and Digital Selector Switch (G-007314)

12 July 2022

Company updates

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia, we must at this moment suspend the sales of the AlphaMiniCourse Mk2. This product is partially produced in Russia and as a result of the before mentioned reason, it is no longer possible to import from Russia.

Besides sanctions from many countries, DNV has terminated type approval certificates of the AlphaMiniCourse Mk2 as of the 22nd of March 2022, and we have been given a notice of 30 days. That means that after 22nd April 2022 the type approvals are no longer valid. Therefore, the Module D certificate (MEDD00001G5) will be withdrawn and is invalid from the same date.  

In the termination letter, DNV also mentioned, "The situation is unfortunate for our clients who will be negatively impacted as a consequence of this decision. As such, we will take reasonable measures to help smoothen the transition and minimize the negative consequences the termination may cause for the customers affected.”
For alternative solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch with your Area Sales Manager.

Kind regards

Anna Marini | General Manager Sales JRC Europe


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