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AlphaMINDS Conning

Conning system


Our Conning software is the first member of applications of our powerful all-in-one software suite AlphaMINDS (Multifunctional Information Navigation & Docking System). The conning application can be an integrated part of a JRC navigation system for advanced new build or retrofit projects or used as a standalone system next to existing equipment. A large number of standard available protocols like NMEA 0183, Modbus, RS422/RS485 and ethernet are included.

The software of AlphaMINDS and thus the Conning, is based on our in-house developed automation and connecting platform Lynx, specific designed as maritime SCADA software for monitoring and controlling all kinds of equipment onboard a vessel. Integrated in Lynx is the OpenBridge design guideline that will give a better user experience with regards to design, styling and easy recognition of indicators, messages, alarms of the graphical user interface (GUI). Consistency across systems is an essential aspect for reducing human errors and this will contribute to an improvement of the quality of ship bridges, the work environment for seafarers and overall ship safety

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