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AlphaPilot MFS


  • Intuitive smart design
  • 5-inch touchscreen display
  • Adaptive control
  • Automatic permanent helm


This competitive AlphaPilot MFS is a speed adaptive, type approved and wheel marked autopilot system, and is applicable to a wide variety of commercial or leisure vessel types. This adaptive autopilot easy to install onboard any vessel with a single rudder, linked rudders, independent rudders, or azimuth Z-drives configuration. The smart AlphaPilot MFS features an extremely compact display size, which can even be built into an armrest of a chair. The AlphaPilot MFS is easy to operate via an intuitive 5-inch color touchscreen display which will give the operator a clear presentation of information. The user-friendly menu and parameters can be accessed and changed by using the touch screen.

The AlphaPilot MFS is applicable to vessels up to 30 knots (non-High-Speed Craft). It is also Type Approved for High-Speed Craft (HSC) compliant with ISO 16329 to provide an overall speed application range for vessels to 70 knots. The AlphaPilot MFS can be used for new build and retrofit projects for vessels up to 3000 GT. For larger vessels or more complex configurations, with tillers and/or multiple command positions, we advise to use the AlphaPilot MFM.

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