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Sound Signal Reception System

  • Advanced digital processing
  • Easy and flexible installation approach
  • Simple web interface
  • Trusted uniform design


The AlphaSSRS is a complete Sound Signal Reception System (SSRS) consisting of a display and antenna, designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels and is for use onboard one-man operated enclosed bridge class ships. The display features an adjustable volume and dimmer and is highly suitable for fore and aft bridge mounting. The sound reception system enables the watch officer to receive warning signals of nearby vessels within a 70 to 2100 Hz frequency from all directions and suppresses unwanted background noise allowing reception of only relevant sounds. A secured web interface is used for logging and configuring the system. It also provides the system status, making it is easy to get access to settings, parameters and errors of the sound signal reception system which can save time during trouble shooting. At the same time, the website interface allows you to easily maintain the system for firmware updates, reset or factory restore functions.

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