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  • AIS and MARPA+ as standard
  • New System-on-Chip technology
  • Semi-Constaview digital signal processing
  • Proven Multi-speed scanners


The JMA-3300 series is JRC's newest radar, featuring a 10.4-inch ultra bright LCD, and incorporates the latest digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design.

Smooth and comfortable operation is guaranteed with the solid and responsive feel of the keys. A dedicated jog-dial is conveniently integrated as well as the function keys for one-touch access to GAIN, SEA and RAIN. The JMA-3300 also incorporates 4 soft-key switches just below the display that can be assigned by the user. Here you can specify commonly used functions, making it even simpler to navigate. Based on JRC's patented technology found in the bigger radars, the new JMA-3300 integrates Semi-Constaview™. This allows fast processing of targets, showing true trails in Head-Up mode, without interference of fixed targets, such as land or mass. Besides the display and operating keys, this compact all-in-one unit has the processor integrated, allowing for a flexible installation approach.

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