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Spare Parts availability

In order to arrange much faster and more efficient service provision around the world, JRC has placed First Aid Kit (FAK) as our own property at depots/service centers at 26 locations worldwide. FAK for each location includes a full set of necessary spares covering the widest range of old and new JRC products and our local service partners are allowed to access the FAK for any urgent cases to avoid any critical situation.

Apart from the FAK, more than 200 JRC service partners around the world have their own stock.

Together with the dispatch of trained and qualified technicians, necessary spares will be shipped from the nearest spare part depot/service center available upon any service request.

JRC First Aid Kit (FAK) Location

JRC declares the spare parts support of the products for ten years from the date of the last production. This period is in accordance with the guideline by Japan Marine Equipment Association (JSMEA).

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