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AlphaChart T

Chart radar

  • User friendly, clear and logically structured interface
  • Handles primary radar information
  • Acquires and processes ARPA tasks (up to 256 targets)
  • Flexible in both configuration and chart functionality


In line with the trends in the development of a new generation of chart-radars and in close cooperation with JRC & Transas, Alphatron has developed the Alphachart T, not only capable of displaying a radar picture, but also of performing a number of additional functions. Compliant with latest IMO and IEC standards, Alphachart T radar performs all the functions of radar and ARPA and can overlay electronic charts and AIS targets on a radar picture. Alphachart T Radar can also be integrated with other Alphatron navigational products including both Alphachart T and Alphaconning T systems.

The clear and logically structured user interface & menus incorporate a dedicated Transas radar keyboard which totally simplifies the navigator’s work. The keyboard uses a series of switches to perform major functions and the most commonly used tasks more efficiently. The keyboard also incorporates PC compatible keyboard, functional keyboard and a navigational trackball. All functions are simple to find and perform, giving you total control.

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